Highly customized BCDRaaS to meet every client's specification and budget

DataVault™ is a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery as a Service (BCDRaaS) solution that replicates physical and/or virtual environments in real-time.  Data can be pulled back in minutes, while compute resources are seamlessly brought online, ensuring productivity is never compromised.

With DataVault, clients choose specifically the type of BCDR environment they would like to create, and then OneIT designs, deploys, and manages it. Options for customization include: Number of recovery sites, type of recovery (data, servers, or both), which apps are most critical, retention, and compliance requirements.

DataVault was designed to be used with most existing environments, including IBM. 

Regardless of the size of your organization or the amount of data you have, DataVault can be customized to meet your budget and uptime goals.

OneIT, Inc. combines best practices in IT architecture design and service delivery to create one-of-a-kind environments for customers who require 100% availability of their business systems

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