Managed IT Services

Complete™ is OneIT’s fully managed and outsourced IT services offering. 


Utilizing a combination of remote and onsite support models, Complete™ brings enterprise level IT support, resources, and knowledge to any size company. 


When a component of a client environment is covered by Complete™, OneIT performs all proactive maintenance, live monitoring and IT support for that component at a fixed fee per month. There are no surprise charges, and IT budgeting becomes more like a utility.

Complete™ is designed to be customized specifically to each client; offering just the right amount of outsourced support. The service is created by combining building blocks until the perfect IT model is achieved. Building blocks for Complete™ include:

  • User devices such as desktops, laptops and tablets

  • Servers


  • Phones

  • Firewalls

  • Device security

  • System level security

  • Access points

  • Printers

  • Support for client’s vendors

  • Email

  • Licensing

Complete Platinum

In addition to managing our client's existing hardware and infrastructure, OneIT also offers Complete™ Platinum, which is our hardware rental and management service.  With Complete™ Platinum, the entire IT department becomes a predictable cost per month with no CapEx required. Hardware is always under warranty and always current.  Complete Platinum™ can be determined at the beginning of a contract, or slowly triaged as devices come up for refresh.

additional services

OneIT offers additional services that compliment Complete™.  These include:

  • IT project support, as needed

  • Physical to cloud migration planning and implementation

  • BCDR consultation, planning and implementation

  • VoIP services

  • Collaboration tools and implementation

  • CIO assistance

  • IT roadmap planning

  • Colocation by the RU

  • Network Aggregation


OneIT, Inc. combines best practices in IT architecture design and service delivery to create one-of-a-kind environments for customers who require 100% availability of their business systems

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