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Customer Experience Articles

Please read through these as you have time and let me know if you want to chat about any ideas or if you would like to share any additional resources. Thank you!

This article contains good, relatable-to-life examples within the descriptions.

From HelpScout)

New research from Hiver highlights how consumers perceive customer support in 2020, and the cost of sub-par customer support. (From MarTech Series)

Focus on these first nine tips that will help us all remember that great service has never mattered more.

(From Qualtrix)

We've had many positive comments from customers about this topic - keep up the good work!

(From Don Crawley's Blog)

This is from the softer side of necessary skills, but important, nonetheless. Clearly tied to the "capacity to do it" point of GWC. (From Don Crawley's Blog)

Try applying this principle within your family, friends, co-workers, and customers - you take full responsibility for your relationships, expecting nothing in return. (From Simple Truths)

Provides a good overview about the importance of Customer Experience. (From Salesforce)

Both are important! This author uses different examples and introduces the concept of "customer comfort."

(From BMC Service Management Blog)

This provides a simple reminder that every customer interaction is important, as part of the overall customer experience. (From Don Crawley's Blog)

This is lengthy, but worth the time to read. If you would like a simplified pdf click here. (From Groove)

Here are five things you can do to improve your listening skills in either face-to-face interactions or over the phone. (From Don Crawley's Blog)

This is a quick read, including reminders of 5 simple things to think about when communicating with customers.

(From Don Crawley's Blog)

Take a deeper dive into the specifics of communication - includes suggestions. (From Techopedia)

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