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Why choose OneIT?


Our Commitment to Customer Experience

While our solution set forms the foundation of OneIT, our exceptional customer care is our greatest competitive advantage.


Many companies are hesitant to work with a third-party technology provider, preferring the familiarity of an in-house IT resource. At OneIT, we address this concern by making our resources feel like an extension of your team. We position ourselves as a partner, not just a vendor, and work tirelessly to ensure our customers are satisfied and informed.

Our commitment to "clear and timely communication" is our guarantee to our customers. We have built extensive processes around this promise, ensuring our entire organization strives for transparency and prompt communication. For emergencies, we have an escalation process in place to provide additional assurance.

After each service ticket is completed, we send a survey to gather customer feedback on our performance. The results measure our entire organization's alignment with creating an unmatched customer experience. Our live satisfaction survey results are shown here:




Our five core values—Integrity, Unity, Optimism, Security, and Accountability—guide every decision we make. At OneIT, we maintain an environment where the human side of what we do remains at the forefront, never overshadowed by technology.

Further highlighting our dedication to customer care is our commitment to exceptional service delivery. We ensure consistent experiences through our Proven Process, which guides our team at every step of the client lifecycle. This process ensures that our best practices are always our standard practices.

Our Proven Process.png

Ready to elevate your business with a technology partner who is different? Partner with OneIT for seamless technology integration that aligns with your compliance and cybersecurity needs. Whether it's customized solutions, expert advice, or proactive support, we’re here to help. Contact us today to start a transformative journey and propel your business forward.

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