About Us

Knowing Us

OneIT, Inc. is a full-service firm of IT architects, network experts, consultants, engineers, technicians, data center managers, client support specialists, and account managers who understand and leverage proven technology so that our clients can concentrate on their business, not the technology powering it.


Our core service is maximizing client uptime and eliminating downtime with contingency planning and resilience through thoughtful, custom designed, managed IT infrastructures so our client's business is “always on” and available to employees and customers, anytime, anywhere.  Our client base is diverse and ranges from complex Fortune 50 architectures to SMB's that require unrelenting service performance.


We passionately work with our clients to build business continuity and technology solutions to enhance productivity and user experience. Each customer is different and each solution is highly customized to fit specific technical and budgetary requirements.  

Knowing You

You want a technology partner that is responsive and experienced. One you can trust with your technology best interests and most coveted assets. One that picks up the phone when you call and responds to critical emails with speed and passion.

You want a technology solution that is robust and outperforms your competitor's. You need your environment to be operational 100% of the time, and your applications to be fast and seamless. 

You want a backup system that can be implemented quickly without losing data. One that has your business up and running in minutes should the unforeseen occur. 

You want to sleep at night, knowing that your infrastructure and data are safe, no matter the situation.

Whatever you need, OneIT is here to help - let's work together.


For over 8 years, it has been OneIT's mission to transform our clients performance by implementing the most appropriate IT tools and support mechanisms for their business.   

We create customized and robust environments, each with the foundation of 100% uptime and easy-to-contact support. We change the way our clients view and approach IT, making it easier and friendlier.

While there are many companies who offer similar services, there are none that stand out like OneIT. Our clear and consistent focus on not only stabilized system performance, but wrapping customer experience around it, combine to provide a fresh approach to the services we offer.


Customers can expect:

  • 24 x 7 U.S. based support

  • Technicians, engineers, and project managers to be on schedule

  • Complimentary training throughout our relationship

  • OneIT performs all migration work, uplift and setup; our solutions are turnkey when deployed and fully tested to ensure performance expectations are exceeded

  • Every solution OneIT deploys is custom architected to our clients exact specifications; nothing is "off the shelf."  We take into consideration our customer's budget and pallet for risk, deploying only solutions that meet both

OneIT, Inc. combines best practices in IT architecture design and service delivery to create one-of-a-kind environments for customers who require 100% availability of their business systems

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