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About OneIT, Inc.

About OneIT, Inc.

OneIT is a leading provider across the United States of IT security and recovery solutions to SMB's and non-profits. We are laser-focused on delivering secure and redundant IT solutions that let our clients sleep better at night. 


OneIT’s belief is that there is limitless potential to what SMB’s can achieve with the proper technology solutions in place. OneIT’s experienced team of IT and cyber-security professionals drive innovation, confidence and scalability into small or non-existent IT departments, allowing them to function at an enterprise level without the learning curve or investment in staff.


Since its founding in 2010, OneIT has created secure and resilient infrastructures that allow their clients to be enabled by IT, instead of plagued by it.

Our Vision Statement

We create IT environments that let our clients sleep better at night.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction through clear and timely communication. We take this so seriously that we measure our success by it, and report on the results.

One of the most frequent concerns we hear from companies considering a technology provider is that they are uncomfortable using a 3rd party, because they are used to having an “in house” resource. At OneIT, we overcome this concern, and provide an experience for our customers that feels like our resources are an extension of their team. Instead of being a vendor, we position ourselves as a partner. We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers are satisfied and informed.

Our Core Values


We are honest, truthful, excellent, and reliable. Our intent is beyond question. We do the right thing because there is no alternative. We can be trusted to keep our promises.


We work as a team and will not be undermined by other team members or outside forces. We
embrace input from others without involving personal egos, as we seek diverse input that
advances OneIT projects and client initiatives.


We are positive, always seeing possibilities, approaching change with enthusiasm and vigor, and looking forward to the future with the challenges it brings. We believe in getting things done because we are excited to do it. We create our own momentum and build in flexibility so we can easily change with the pace of change.


We take ownership of the quality of our individual work, even when no one is looking. We own our actions and make no excuses. Everyone at OneIT understands that learning is part of the work we do. Our communication is clear, realistic, and simple.


Throughout the OneIT culture — in our solutions, our approach, and all our interactions — security comes first. We target specific security needs and infiltrate the market with fresh thought leadership. We innovate better security solutions that make a difference through experience, foresight and imagination.

Recent News

Tokio Marine HCC - Cyber and Professional Lines Group policyholders can view more information about the Program here.

Our Team


Glen Zucker,


In addition to looking at the horizon and ensuring OneIT is leading the industry with it’s service offerings, Glen makes sure that every day, in every decision that OneIT makes, we have our customers & partners in mind.


Kim Gerhart, Chief Sales Officer

Kim is responsible for sales growth, partner development plans, customer roadmaps, partner training curriculums, and deal strategy. Marketing and Customer Experience also report to Kim. She is heavily invested in OneIT's partners, and her teams work diligently to ensure their success.


Mike Zaroudny, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Development Officer

Mike ensures that strategies for partners and customers are implemented across OneIT. He makes sure solutions are easily adaptable, and we are ready to release new technology, ahead of the curve, to support partners and customers. Mike also works very closely with our VAR's, to make sure they receive the sales support needed for success.

Engineers, Technicians, and Support Staff

Without our excellent and dedicated team of support staff, OneIT could not serve its customers or partners. Our staff is comprised of the brightest in the industry and they support our internal teams, customers and partners with relentless service and architecture design. After every service ticket is completed, we send surveys to our customers who had the opportunity to work with a member of our support team. The responses we receive provide insight into the passion that they deliver in their work, and the customer-focus that makes our company different. 

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