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Keep your premiums low, while minimizing IT risk and improving IT recovery times.

Effortlessly protect data and IT systems with cyber security solutions offered by OneIT.
Designed to mitigate downtime created by Ransomware, OneIT's solutions also turn back the clock to improve the outcome of an attack.

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In partnership with OneIT,
Hylant clients are eligible for discounted rates on these cyber security solutions. 

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Solutions offered in this program

Help with Hylant Cyber Insurance Questionnaire

OneIT provides support to Hylant policyholders with completing their cyber insurance questionnaire and implementing required solutions

The first measure of defense against cybercrime shouldn’t be insurance – it should be a thoughtful and resilient IT architecture. Recovery systems should be on standby in the case of a ransomware attack, internal attack, data deletion, or disaster to restore lost data and keep the organization running through the unforeseen.

Security Assessments

Let OneIT assist your organization with identifying it's cyber risk, and then provide an operational plan to mitigate findings

Endpoint Detection & Response

Secure your assets with speed and simplicity using EDR


Business continuity and cloud backup are solutions that "turn back the clock" in the event your organization is the victim of a cyber crime

Two-Factor Authentication

The simplest, most effective way to verify that your users are who they say they are, is with 2FA

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Guide to the Program

This guide is provided to get Hylant clients started with the program, and answer common questions.

Connect with OneIT to learn more

Hylant clients will be offered steep discounts with OneIT, for security assessments, multi-factor authentication, EDR and backup and recovery services.

All of these services require deep customization and therefore an understanding of your organization's existing IT infrastructure and long term IT goals. While that may sound complex, it only requires a quick conversation to get things moving.

Please complete the form below and a Hylant program expert will contact you within 4 business hours (OneIT is in the Eastern time zone). 

Please check the box/boxes that pertain to the service(s) you are interested in:

Thank you for reaching out to us to learn more about OneIT's cyber security solutions. A solutions expert will be in touch with you within 4 business hours (M-F, 8am to 5pm ET)

Cyber Insurance Questionnaire Support
As a benefit to their policyholders, Hylant provides assistance through OneIT with completion of the required cyber insurance questionnaire.

As an advocate for best-practice cyber security protection, OneIT will walk policyholders through the technology solutions required by Hylant, and can also assist with solution implementation.

OneIT is known industry-wide for their robust cyber security approach and will have meaningful discussions with the policyholder so the questionnaire is completed accurately. OneIT not only helps policyholders "check the box," but will also make sure their IT environments are well protected AND recoverable in the event of a breach or data loss.  


Questionnaire info
Security Assessments

Security Assessments
OneIT provides security assessments to organizations that are interested in lowering their cybersecurity risk profile and improving their overall security posture. This is the simplest way to discover vulnerabilities before malware strikes your organization, and to ensure you are able to continue operations in the event of a cyber crime event or other disaster.


Most organizations have no ongoing visibility into IT network health. This presents several issues: Access control problems, unpatched systems and unchecked vulnerabilities that can be exploited by internal or external threat actors. By performing an IT security risk assessment, not only can OneIT identify hard-to-detect issues and come up with the necessary fixes, we can also devise an action plan to track the progress of your remediation.

In less than 1 hour, OneIT's network analysis can deliver a comprehensive health report that assigns a risk score to every aspect of your organization’s IT network, SQL Servers, Security, Exchange instances, and Microsoft 365 use.

Optionally, the assessment can also be measured against NIST, HIPAA, PCI, and many other compliance standards. If your organization requires this level of assessment, OneIT can streamline the IT investigation, provide auditable reports, as well as a comprehensive remediation strategy against findings. 

Having a trusted partner to navigate through the complexities of IT security risk assessments can help you focus on other productive tasks and bring you much-needed peace of mind. With years of expertise in IT security, OneIT can take care of your risk assessments and eliminate any hassles you may face in the process. With our expertise, you can:

  • Easily identify vulnerabilities in your network

  • Develop an action plan to boost IT security

  • Measure your overall network health

  • Make informed decisions on IT security measures

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Understand your security risk and take steps to mitigate it

Partner with OneIT to perform your Security Assessment

Hylant clients receive 20% off OneIT's normal rate for security assessments

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