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OneIT supports SMB's across the United States with IT solutions and managed services that are secure, scalable, and meet their exact business needs. 


What our client surveys had to say this month


Great communication and work as always!

- Maddie R. on 9/26/2023

Cyber security is a key factor that affects the relationship between an IT provider and their clients

89% of SMBs see cyber security as among the top 5 priorities in their organization

Cyber security is a determining factor in whether an SMB is likely to use, or continue to use, an IT service provider

93% of SMBs will not hesitate to change providers for the "right" cyber security offering

84% of SMBs who don't use an IT service provider would consider if offered the right cyber security solution

With over 13 years of experience, OneIT exists to assist SMBs with outsourced IT support that is focused on cybersecurity. We understand the complexities and uncertainties that SMBs face in regard to IT solutions and lean in to become a true business partner.

Quick resolution, Thanks!

- Patricia D. Lon 9/22/2023

The hands-on assistance was the most helpful. It is hard to explain issues via phone or email sometimes, but having an IT person allows them to see the issue firsthand and then problem solve on the spot. 

-  Tiffany M. 9/21/2023

It was fixed with a pleasant smile! I am so happy! Thank you!

- Joanna C. on 9/7/2023

Thank you for implementing this so quickly! 

- Mike J. on 8/29/2023

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