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Managed Services

Expert-level IT resources for any size organization

OneIT partners with organizations of all sizes to deliver leading edge managed service solutions, with a focus on cybersecurity. 

We bring years of expertise, design, and implementation experience to help our partners bring more value to their clients, and our end users experience new levels of IT satisfaction, security, and value.

Is your IT support model dated and expensive? Do you have a hard time retaining IT talent? OneIT's fully managed and outsourced IT service offering can help. 

Complete is OneIT's fully managed IT support service



For over 14 years, OneIT has been a trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP), delivering enterprise-level IT support, resources, and expertise to businesses of all sizes.

At OneIT, we customize all our services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our Complete service is no exception. We seamlessly integrate into your IT organization wherever you need us—whether as fully outsourced support, an extension of your existing IT team, or experts for a single project, we bridge the gap effectively.

Complete is a fixed-cost-per-month service, providing significant value to our customers. When a component of your IT environment is covered by Complete, OneIT handles all proactive maintenance, live monitoring, and IT support for a predictable monthly fee. This eliminates surprise charges and makes IT budgeting as straightforward as a utility bill.

End-user support is just a click away. With an easy-to-use desktop app, users can quickly reach out to OneIT, and one of our engineers will respond promptly. Our robust help desk is staffed with experts, often providing superior knowledge and faster response times than in-house teams.

Complete is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, offering the ideal level of outsourced support. By combining various building blocks, we create the perfect IT model for your business. These building blocks include:

  • User devices: desktops, laptops, tablets

  • Servers


  • Phones

  • Firewalls

  • Device security

  • System-level security

  • WiFi and access points

  • Printers

  • Vendor management

  • Email

  • Licensing

OneIT extends our customized support model to include comprehensive help desk services. Clients can choose to have end users contact us directly, or we can integrate seamlessly with an existing IT department, merging our ticketing system with theirs.

OneIT enhances the Complete service with a variety of complementary offerings, including:

  • IT project support

  • Physical to cloud migration planning and implementation

  • Migration to Microsoft 365

  • Corporate and guest network setup

  • BCDR consultation, planning, and implementation

  • Enterprise VoIP services

  • eFax

  • Cabling projects

  • Physical security

  • Tape-to-cloud migrations

  • Collaboration tools and implementation

  • CIO assistance

  • Roadmap planning

In addition to managing existing client hardware and infrastructure, OneIT offers Hardware as a Service (HaaS). By combining HaaS with Complete, your entire IT department becomes a predictable monthly expense with no CapEx required. Hardware remains under warranty and up-to-date. HaaS can be incorporated at the start of a contract or gradually introduced as devices need refreshing.

The goal of Complete is to allow our customers to focus on their business while OneIT manages the technology that powers it.

Expert Solutions

For businesses with demanding needs, OneIT provides expert-level design and implementation of highly customized solutions. Our expertise in network design and resource allocation ensures that your cloud deployments perform seamlessly, just like on-premise systems. Our bespoke Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions are designed to handle the unforeseen with reliability and precision. Additionally, our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) models enable clients to deploy advanced solutions without the burden of high capital expenditures. Let OneIT help your business scale, driven by robust IT infrastructure and high availability.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

DataVault    is OneIT's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution. DataVault replicates physical and/or virtual environments in real-time, and is customized to meet end-users exact requirements. 

Clients choose the type of BCDR environment they would like to create, based on their budget and risk palette. Options include the number of recovery sites, types of recovery (data, servers, or both), which apps are most critical, retention period, time-frame to full recovery, and compliance requirements. 

At OneIT, our belief is that we backup only to recover. Our focus is on availability and uptime, so we create environments that can run as seamlessly as possible through the unforeseen



High Performance Cloud

OnDemand   , designed and deployed by OneIT, combines cloud computing solutions with rich customization to create environments previously unattainable in the cloud. 

RAM, CPU and storage are intentionally combined to result in the best performance and reliability attainable. We then overlay deep network customization to ensure throughput is optimal. The outcome is cloud environments that perform as if they were in-house, yet with the added benefits of continuous scalability, redundancy, and management. In addition to cloud resources, various options are available for remote desktop as well as zero trust VPN.

All of OneIT's cloud and hosted infrastructure solutions are deployed in Tier III or Tier IV data centers, creating a foundation for the highest uptime achievable. 



IaaS, offered by OneIT, eliminates the capital expense and reduces the ongong costs of setting up and managing an onsite data center. It's an economical alternative for new businesses, businesses in the refresh time of their hardware lifecycle, or any organization that has security requirements that are better dealt with inside of a private cloud. 

Additionally, IaaS shifts the ongoing costs and responsibilities for hardware management to OneIT, allowing clients to focus on their business instead of the technology running it.

In addition to traditional infrastructure equipment, OneIT also offers IaaS for endpoints, including PC's, laptops, and network hardware.


Cyber security protection, remediation and backup ONLY for recovery are the focus of all OneIT's service offerings.

In addition to our thorough approach to security, we also offer solutions individually, such as:

Managed SOC/SIEM

Security assessments

Vulnerability management as a Service

Penetration testing

2FA and MFA

Backup for Microsoft 365

Email backup and recovery

Azure backup services

Secure, shared storage

Learn more about our security services:



Assistance with cyber insurance

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