Customer Experience Videos

Please watch these as you have time and let me know if you want to chat about any ideas. Thank you!

Don Crawley's main focus is "bringing humanity to the world of technology" and, as soon as I came across his work, I quickly realized his concepts could be a perfect starting point for us at OneIT. He shares great insights, states his information simply, and his videos are all short and relatable.

People usually enter a service ticket when they are unable to complete a required task. Keep in mind that you are not only fixing their computers, you are fixing their ability to do their jobs. (3 minutes)

Simply ask if the problem is solved and confirm next steps. Is anything needed from the customer? What can they expect from you? (3 minutes)

Start with the information they want then you can also provide the information you think they need. (3 minutes)

Customers and coworkers deserve the very best you can give them all the time - be aware of how you are acting and intentional about your behavior choices. (2 minutes)

Listen to understand and remember, without interrupting. Good customer service is like good manners. (3 minutes)

This is more of a classroom format of presentation and focuses on the communication model. I specifically like that it discusses both verbal and written communication. (7 minutes)